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Battle Lines Drawn as GOP Moves Closer to ‘Greatest Transfer of Wealth to the Super-Rich in Modern American History’ by Jake Johnson, staff writer With their passage of a deeply unpopular $1.5 tax cut bill on Thursday, House Repubicans did their part in “paving the way for the greatest transfer of wealth from regular people …

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Really? This is Tax Reform to Improve the Lives of Middle Class Americans? NOT!

They’re introducing #TaxReform today which will provide massive tax cuts for corporations ….. to a mere 15% …. and guess who’s paying for that … YOU and me!  And just so you understand what I mean, they’re dumping all “Obamacare” subsidies and dumping all “individual” deductions except mortgage and charitable deductions. No more deductions for …

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Cracking Down on Abusive Debt Collectors

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau must stop this national crisis. — by LeeAnn Hall Have you ever picked up your phone to find an aggressive voice on the other end demanding payments on a debt you know nothing about? You’re far from alone. Once you’re in the sights of a debt collector, the impact on …

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If You’re Going to Rant About the Federal Budget—Tell the Truth

Before you start believing the drivel Republicans are spreading about rising deficits, maybe you need to understand the difference between two terms that are frequently used in error: overall National Debt and the Federal Budget Deficit.  Republicans are counting on 93% of the population apparently not understanding that there’s a difference between the two. Let me …

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What Makes Our Economy Grow?

Well, it’s certainly NOT what deadbeats Sen. Dean Heller and Rep. Mark Amodei have to offer. Both voted yesterday to let the U.S. default on it’s debts, wreak havoc on the world economy and put the world reserve currency status of the U.S. dollar at risk.  But, despite their NAY votes, the bill passed and …

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The Wreckless, Heavy Toll of the Iraq War

— Mar 19, 2013 | By ThinkProgress War Room Today is one anniversary that is definitely not cause for celebration. Ten years ago today, President George W. Bush made the fateful decision to launch the unnecessary Iraq War. The consequences of this decision have been overwhelming. A new report estimates that the Iraq War will …

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Romney-Ryan Budget Plan

Robert Reich, who served under Presidents Ford and Carter and as President Clinton’s Secretary of Labor, talks about the Romney – Ryan economic plan and its five steps to disaster for America in the following video: