DACA Under Siege by Trump and AG Jeff Sessions

Last week, Trump pardoned Arizona’s Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a notorious national symbol of racism who refused court orders to stop his racial profiling in his zealous multi-year campaign of persecution against Latino communities. Now, one week later, Trump is throwing MORE red meat to his anti-immigrant and white supremacist supporters by going after immigrant kids, once again undermining American values in order to feed the bigotry of his extreme base. 

This morning, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced to the world that we, as a nation, can no longer be trusted to keep its word, that our word is no longer our bond. You see, in a stunning act of cruelty even for Trump, he had Attorney General Jeff Sessions announce termination of key parts of President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program effective six months from now, upending the lives of 800,000+ young people. That 

DACA recipients – often referred to as DREAMers — were brought to the US as children and for many of them this is the only country they’ve ever really known. Under the DACA program, they registered with the government and passed background checks in exchange for being able to work, pay taxes, and feel secure in their homes without the fear of deportation.

Many on the anti-immigrant Right who have been fighting against DACA since Day One have focused their criticism on the way in which it was done – with an executive order by President Obama. They have claimed that the real problem was just that Congress didn’t pass the law – so now it’s up to Congress to call their bluff and pass the DREAM Act.

Congress needs to act now to protect our investment in their education and assimilation before Trump releases his hordes of ICE thugs to begin deportation of DREAMers as their 2-yr authorizations come up for  renewals. And we even have a head start, because the bill already has bipartisan support!

Congress can undo this outrage by passing the DREAM Act of 2017, which would provide a path to citizenship for DACA recipients and other young undocumented immigrants who graduate from US high schools and attend college, enter the workforce, or enlist in a military program.

In the Senate, the DREAM Act is sponsored by Senators Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Dick Durbin (D-IL), Jeff Flake (R-AZ), and Chuck Schumer (D-NY) … we need to demand that the Senate make this bipartisan bill a priority, to get relief to the DREAMers who need it.

Petition:  << Tell Congress to PASS the DREAM Act of 2017 without delay! >>

Or, better yet, take a moment from your day and call or write your members of Congress and ask them to expedite bringing the Dream Act of 2017 [ House bill#:  H.R.3440 / Senate bill#: S.1615 ] to the floor for a vote AND to vote for its passage:

NOW is THE Time!

We’re in danger of losing our health care. The Senate is inching closer to passing a devastating health care bill. If they do, then millions of people will see their health care coverage disappear. But you can do something about it.

Nevada is particularly important in the fight to save our health care. Why? Because our senator, Dean Heller, is a deciding vote on the Senate bill.

You have a critical part to play, and there is no time to waste. As a constituent, you have the power to influence Senator Heller’s vote on health care.

The over 600,000 Nevadans who rely on Medicaid would be most adversely affected as Nevada is poised to lose approximately $5 billion in federal Medicaid funds by 2028 if the Senate health care bill passes. This would harm 300,000 children, 13,000 seniors, and 42,000 people with disabilities in Nevada.

But that’s only what we actually know today.  Are you insured through an employer plan?  You do know that employers shop insurers country-wide for the best policy prices they can find, right?  Have you heard this bill allows States to seek waivers of  EHBs (Essential Health Benefits, like maternity coverage, ER visits, Xrays,  cancer screenings, etc.)?  What do you think will happen to the healthcare insurance coverage you now have once your employer, like everyone else’s employer starts shopping “EHB-waivered” states for their insurance policies to save money, while holding what you pay constant or even charging you a larger percentage of the cost, all to pad their bottom line?

  • Read the over-glorious summary from the Senate Budget Committee glossing over the dreadful impacts.
  • Browse the actual bill text.
  • View a section by section summary by the Congressional Research Service here.

TrumpedUpCare harms us all and we can’t let that happen!  The clock is ticking with an expected vote no later than next  Thursday.  Call Senator Heller’s offices today and often (call all of them).  Let him know that if he takes a meat cleaver to our healthcare, he might as well take a meat cleaver to his 2018 campaign, because he’s done!

202-224-6244 (DC)
702-388-6605 (LV)
775-686-5770 (Reno)
775-738-2001 (Elko)

Term: 2013-2018

Advocacy: Don’t Let FCC Chairman Ajit Pai Kill Net Neutrality

Grassroots activists won an epic victory two years ago when together we pushed the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to pass strong net neutrality rules. Hundreds of thousands of CREDO members and millions of others fought for years to protect the free and open internet with net neutrality – the principle that internet providers must treat all users’ content equally. In 2015, we finally won.

Now, Trump’s FCC chairman is quietly moving to scrap the rules.Last week, news reports revealed that FCC Chairman Ajit Pai wants to give up the FCC’s role in protecting internet users and instead ask companies to voluntarily police themselves.1 If he’s successful, the hard-fought victory to protect our rights on the internet will be lost.

Tell FCC Chairman Ajit Pai: Don’t kill net neutrality.

Just as telephone companies connect callers in the order received without regard to how much they can pay, the internet under net neutrality is classified as a protected utility. Internet providers can’t block content, slow traffic, or create “fast lanes” to prioritize websites whose owners pay more.2 Net neutrality protects our privacy, keeps broadband prices competitive and helps new companies to innovate. That’s why consumer groups and internet businesses like Google, Facebook and Netflix all strongly support net neutrality and oppose Pai’s plan to kill it.3

Pai’s plan for the internet looks a lot like Paul Ryan’s plan to repeal Obamacare. In both cases, Republicans are trying to replace a popular policy with an impractical and deceptive proposal. Like the Obamacare repeal plan, Pai’s net neutrality “fix” would help a few corporations earn more profits by eliminating protections for the rest of us.

Pai’s plan would ask telecom companies to voluntarily pledge to follow the principles of net neutrality and task the Federal Trade Commission with punishing offenders. As one commenter noted, the idea that Pai will get every large and small internet service provider to voluntarily put strong open internet provisions in their terms of service agreements is “pure nonsense.”4 Even if companies agree, they could change their terms at any time. Meanwhile, broadband internet would no longer be classified as a utility, and the FCC would have abdicated its authority to protect internet users.

Republicans are trying to revoke our rights on the internet, and we need to fight back. We cannot allow Pai to move forward without a vocal and sustained opposition at every stage. Now, we need to stop Trump’s FCC the same way we stopped Trump and Paul Ryan from repealing Obamacare.

Tell FCC Chairman Ajit Pai to drop his plan to kill neutrality.


  1. Rich McCormick, “FCC head Ajit Pai reportedly outlines plans to roll back net neutrality rules,” The Verge, April 7, 2017.
  2. Jeff Sommer, “What Net Neutrality Rules Say,” The New York Times, March 12, 2015.
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Hearing on AB159 Prohibiting Hydraulic Fracturing Statewide

Assembly Bill 159 will be heard by the Assembly Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Mining committee Tuesday February 21st at 1:30pm. Click here if you can attend the hearing.

Here is a digest of the bill:

Section 1 of this bill prohibits any person from engaging in hydraulic fracturing in this State, and section 5 of this bill repeals provisions relating to the hydraulic fracturing program. Sections 2 and 3 of this bill make conforming changes. Section 4 of this bill provides that any permit issued by the Division of Minerals before the effective date of this bill, authorizing a person to drill and operate an oil or gas well that is or is intended to be hydraulically fractured, expires on that date.

We strongly suggest all Nevadans opposed to fracking show up and share your testimony, either in Carson City or Las Vegas. Click here for the agenda that includes meeting location room numbers.

We can avoid some of the worst consequences of climate change by keeping fossil fuels where they belong: in the ground. 

Share your opinion on AB159 by using this tool (click here) your comment will be sent to your legislators.

Source: Composite by G_marius based on a darthpedrius’s image

I don’t know about you, but I pay for earthquake insurance on my home, my largest personal investment.  It nearly doubles my insurance premiums.  Given that we live in a frequently drought-stricken state which is also an earthquake zone, here’s some food for thought on this issue:

America’s Core Values

— by Madeleine Albright, Former Secretary of State

Photo Credit: NBC News

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard about the executive order on immigration and refugees that the President signed on Friday. It bans Syrian refugees from entering our country, suspends the entire refugee program for 120 days, cuts in half the number of refugees we can admit, and halts all travel from certain Muslim-majority countries.

I felt I had no choice but to speak out against it in the strongest possible terms.

This is a cruel measure that represents a stark departure from America’s core values. We have a proud tradition of sheltering those fleeing violence and persecution, and have always been the world leader in refugee resettlement. As a refugee myself who fled the communist takeover of Czechoslovakia, I personally benefited from this country’s generosity and its tradition of openness. This order would end that tradition, and discriminate against those fleeing a brutal civil war in Syria.

There is no data to support the idea that refugees pose a threat. This policy is based on fear, not facts. The refugee vetting process is robust and thorough. It already consists of over 20 steps, ensuring that refugees are vetted more intensively than any other category of traveler.

The process typically takes 18-24 months, and is conducted while they are still overseas. I am concerned that this order’s attempts at “extreme vetting” will effectively halt our ability to accept anyone at all. When the administration makes wild claims about Syrian refugees pouring over our borders, they are relying on alternative facts — or as I like to call it, fiction.

The truth is that America can simultaneously protect the security of our borders and our citizens and maintain our country’s long tradition of welcoming those who have nowhere else to turn. These goals are not mutually exclusive. Indeed, they are the obligation of a country built by immigrants.

Refugees should not be viewed as a burden or as potential terrorists. They have already made great contributions to our national life. Syrian refugees are learning English, getting good jobs, buying homes, and starting businesses. In other words, they are doing what other generations of refugees — including my own — did. And I have no doubt that, if given the opportunity, they will become an essential part of our American fabric.

By targeting Muslim-majority countries for immigration bans and by expressing a clear preference for refugees who are religious minorities, there’s no question this order is biased against Muslims. And when one faith is targeted, it puts us all at risk.

I will never forget sailing into New York Harbor for the first time and seeing the Statue of Liberty when I came here as a child. It proclaims “give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” There is no fine print on the Statue of Liberty, and today she is weeping.

This executive order does not reflect American values. If you agree, make your voice heard now.

Looking for a Way to Engage?

Here are two sites you might want to peruse for ways to engage and get involved:

  • The 65 Making Congress Work for Us
    Over 65 million Americans rejected Donald Trump on Election Day. What if we came together every day to fight for our vision of a diverse, inclusive America? Together, we can use our voices to remind Congress that they work for all of us.  The site provides “weekly” calls to action activities in which you can participate.


  • Women’s March
    Millions of people around the world, on January 21, came together to raise our voices. But our march forward does not end here. Women’s March is working to help you get your friends, family and community together and MAKE HISTORY.  Join them in launching a new campaign:  10 Actions for the first 100 Days.

Committing to Working for Today and Tomorrow

The trump White House and the republican-controlled Congress are preparing to deliver on a corporate and ideologically extremist agenda that threatens our freedom, our democracy, our health care, our planet, our economic security and our most fundamental rights.

And, if you haven’t figured it out yet, they are serious about their regressive and repugnant policies and programs. With control of all branches of government, there’s no question they can and are quite willing to inflict some serious damage on the country.

What can they get away with? Well — that depends on us.

  • First, we have to continue to mobilize. We have to turn out on the streets in unprecedented numbers to make visible our rejection of Trump’s extremist agenda.
  • Second, we have to take care of each other. That means many things in a harsh political climate with a president who views bullying as a business, political and life strategy. Above all, it means all of us must stand together to reject efforts to denigrate, demagogue and discriminate against racial, ethnic and religious minorities. It means we must never allow the creation of a Muslim registry or anything comparable. It means we have to fight against heartless plans to tear families apart and deport millions of immigrants from our land. It means we must commit to embrace the value of solidarity.
  • Third, we have to take action — not just once in a while, but constantly. We have to sign petitions, call and email members of Congress and other elected officials, write letters to the editor, talk to neighbors and co-workers, attend community meetings, turn out for local protests, and much more. And we have to keep doing it, over and over again.
  • We need to identify individuals who will step up and run for office.  We also need to back them with the funding to be able to run against well-funded and entrenched Republicans, get them the training they need to run, pound the pavement to help others understand ‘what’ they stand for and more importantly what they will ‘fight against.’

2018 is only a short time away and we need to be ready with candidates who are willing and capable to turn the carnage and pillage around.  Pledge to commit yourself to action and to hold those who’ve been elected to be accountable to the ‘people’ and the Constitution and its values which they pledged to support.

We need to make members of Congress understand they will pay a political price for embracing the corporate extremist agenda.

We need to develop a broad united front to defend basic democratic principles now under threat.

We need to show Trump voters how President Trump is not only failing to deliver on the core promises of Candidate Trump — the claims that he would cure corruption and cronyism — but aggressively betraying them by pursuing a corporate extremist agenda that mocks the claims of the campaign.

Learn more about how you can make a difference in making Congress (and others) listen:

Oppose Nomination of Rep. Tom Price as HHS Secretary

— by Nicole Regalado, Credo Campaign Manager

We don’t know all the details of Donald Trump’s plans for America yet but one thing’s clear: If you’re not male, wealthy or heterosexual, Trump’s extreme right-wing administration won’t have your back when it comes to accessing health care.

Soon, the Senate will begin committee hearings to confirm Trump’s nominee for Secretary of Health and Human Services, Georgia Rep. Tom Price. Anti-woman, anti-gay Price wants to repeal the Affordable Care Act, cut Medicaid, end Medicare and defund Planned Parenthood.

Putting Price in charge of important programs that keep millions of women, LGBTQ people, low-income families and the elderly healthy is irresponsible and dangerous.

A vote is expected soon, so we must act now to urge Senate Democrats to do everything in their power to stop Price’s confirmation as HHS secretary before it’s too late.

There is no reason to give a hate-group candidate who did not win the majority vote a free pass to appoint anti-woman, anti-gay extremists to leading positions in government. Price is just one of Trump’s many cabinet nominees that Democrats will need to resist and block in order to protect their constituents from Trump’s regime of hate.

If the Senate confirms Price as HHS secretary, it will put the health care of more than 100 million people at risk:

Price will help right-wing extremists like Paul Ryan end Medicare. Medicare is a fundamental tool of economic security – a guarantee that seniors will not be denied health care just because they can’t afford it. Price is a leading proponent of destroying Medicare by privatizing the program.

Price will take health insurance away from millions of people covered under the ACA. He wants to roll back the Medicaid expansion and replace the Affordable Care Act with a plan that primarily benefits people who have high incomes, leaves people with pre-existing conditions behind and makes it more difficult for people to purchase health plans that include abortion coverage.

Price will continue to push for drastic Medicaid cuts that could strip tens of millions of low-income families and children of their health insurance. If Republicans in Congress succeed at repealing the ACA and pass Price’s proposed Medicaid cuts, funding for Medicaid and the State Children’s Health Insurance Program would decrease by more than 40 percent over the next 10 years.

He will take away women’s health care. Price is an anti-woman extremist who supported legislation to defund Planned Parenthood and opposed the ACA birth control benefit that gave women access to contraception without a copay.

Price will hurt the LGBTQ community. As a legislator, Price has supported constitutional amendments banning same-sex marriage and voted against a bill that prohibited employers from discriminating against LGBTQ employees. While the ACA prohibits LGBTQ discrimination, Price’s ACA alternative provides no such protections.

He belongs to a fringe group of physicians who still question whether HIV causes AIDS. As the head of HHS, Price will have control of the country’s national HIV/AIDS strategy, which includes funding for research, education and treatment to combat the disease. The decisions he makes could mean life or death for many of the 1.2 million people living with HIV in the United States.

Right-wing Republicans say that Price’s experience as chair of the House Budget Committee and expertise as a former orthopedic surgeon make him uniquely qualified for the job of HHS secretary. But Price’s record shows that he’s just another out-of-touch extremist who will gladly fleece low-income and elderly people of their health insurance under the guise of fiscal responsibility while lining his own pockets. Over the last four years, Price has traded more than $300,000 in shares of health-related companies while sponsoring and advocating for legislation that could potentially affect those companies’ stocks.11

Senate Democrats must stand their ground and resist confirming all members of Trump’s crony cabinet, and they need to start now by blocking Price’s HHS confirmation.

Tell Senate Democrats: Block Price and protect access to health care for millions of people. Click the Credo button below to sign their petition.  Even better, call Sen. Dean Heller’s office [ 202-224-6244 (DC) / 702-388-6605 (LV) / 775-686-5770 (Reno) / 775-738-2001 (Elko) ] and personally tell him you do NOT support Rep. Tom Price’s confirmation as HHS Secretary.



Change an Immigrant’s Life Today

— by Donna De La Cruz

eslWe are excited to partner with Revolution English to empower immigrants in the United States by helping them to learn English.

Revolution English needs volunteer English Conversation Tutors to have a one-hour conversation session with students once a week. This is where YOU come in!

You can help provide courageous students who dare to speak a new language with the support to practice and make mistakes without being judged or punished. We will train you and provide ongoing support.

It’s easy: all you need is an internet connection and a willingness to help immigrants learn English. You can choose times that are convenient for your schedule and you can connect from the comfort of your home.

What are you waiting for? Please volunteer! Your time will change the lives of immigrants that call this country their home.

Thank you,

Donna De La Cruz
Reform Immigration FOR America