Bail-Out Bill Fails House Vote

In a 228 to 205 vote, the U.S. House of Representatives defeated a $700 billion emergency rescue package, ignoring urgent pleas from President Bush and bipartisan congressional leaders to quickly bail out the staggering financial industry.

Dean Heller’s Statement on the Financial Bailout Plan

“Today U.S. Congressman Dean Heller (R-NV) made the following statement on the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 (H.R. 3997)” …  [after he voted ‘nay’.]

“I cannot with good conscience put Nevada’s taxpayers on the hook for the foolish excesses of Wall Street.  This legislation will not help Nevada’s middle class families, small businesses, or economy.  Congress should pass legislation that protects the taxpayer, assists with bad assets, and allows the market to correct itself,” said Heller.”

Well Mr. Heller, for what would your ‘good conscience’ allow you to vote for?  I don’t see you proposing anything worthwhile that would remediate the situation this President and Congress has gotten this nation into.  Voting ‘yea’ or ‘nay’ on this or that and then blaming the other guy for our nation’s woes just doesn’t get it.  You have to actually do something to begin to fix the problems this nation now finds itself in.  Maybe it’s time you step aside and let someone take that seat who’s willing to get involved and work to find solutions.

Jill Derby’s Statement on Congressional Bailout Vote

“Today, Congress failed to find a solution to the most critical economic threat of our time.  As the American people counted on lawmakers of both parties to help bring an end to the threat of continued economic distress, Washington instead fell into the kind of finger-pointing and passing-of-the-buck that has become all too common.  

Dean Heller–a member of the Financial Services Committee–failed completely to show the kind of leadership that Nevadans demand from their representatives.  At the end of the day, struggling Nevadan families will not remember whether our representatives voted “Yea” or “Nea”, but only whether we arrived at Solution or Failure.  As Nevada continues to suffer bank closures, rising prices, and the highest home foreclosure rate in the nation, Dean Heller has resigned himself to the culture of failure.

It is time for Congress to stop playing politics and find a solution to this crisis, one that puts Main Street before Wall Street.”

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Obama in Reno Tuesday, Sept. 30

Join fellow supporters in Reno, Nevada on Tuesday, September 30th, where Senator Obama will host a discussion with area voters about the important issues facing our country.

Here are the details:

Tuesday, September 30
University of Nevada, Reno
1664 N. Virginia St.
Reno, NV 89557-0042
Doors open at 8:00AM

This event is free and open to the public — no tickets are required. However, an on-line RSVP is strongly encouraged. Space is available on a first-come-first serve basis.

Click here to RSVP for the event.

Looking for Volunteers

Got a note from Nicki today indicating that we’ve been asked to help prepare and cook the soup kitchen meal on the fourth Sunday of every month.  A few folks have indicated they’re willing to help in those efforts, but we don’t want to burn them out.  If you’d be willing to volunteer from time to time, please send us an email at humboldtdems AT gmail DOT com.

Early Voting Schedule

Early voting is easy in Nevada, and is available to every voter. Voters can vote at any location in their respective county where early voting is offered. Early voting offers the following benefits:

  • Makes voting more accessible to more citizens;
  • Increases voter participation rates;
  • Allows more accurate and efficient ballot counts;
  • Reduces administrative costs to the taxpayer; and
  • Creates a more informed and thoughtful electorate.

Early Voting dates for the General Election are from Saturday, October 18th – Friday, October 31st. While Friday, October 31st is “Nevada Day” holiday, early voting poles will be open. Secretary of State Ross Miller expects that by the time the polls close on Nov. 4th, 85% of Nevadan will have cast a ballot in this general election. To avoid long lines on the 4th, you might want to take advantage of the 2-week early voting opportunity by stopping into the County courthouse and cast your vote early.

For more information about where and when you can ‘early-vote’:
Tami Rae Spero, Humboldt County Clerk
50 W. 5th Street, #207
Winnemucca, Nevada 89445-3199
(775)-623-6343    FAX-623-6309

Mark Your Calendars

The Presidential and Vice Presidential debates are coming to a TV Set near you.  Each debate will begin at 9pm eastern, 6pm pacific time and last for 90 minutes. They will be aired on every major broadcast network such as CBS, NBC, ABC, and FOX. They will also be aired on cable outlets such as Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, and many others. Here’s the schedule:

  • Friday, September 26th, 6 PM PDT:  Presidential Debate (Focus:  Foreign Policy)
    Site: University of Mississippi – Topic: Foreign Policy & National Security – Moderator: Jim Lehrer – Staging: Podium debate – Answer Format: The debate will be broken into nine, 9-minute segments. The moderator will introduce a topic and allow each candidate 2 minutes to comment. After these initial answers, the moderator will facilitate an open discussion of the topic for the remaining 5 minutes, ensuring that both candidates receive an equal amount of time to comment
  • Thursday, October 2nd, 6 PM PDT:  Vice Presidential Debate
    Site: Washington University (St. Louis) – Moderator: Gwen Ifill – Staging/Answer Format: Debate will consist of both foreign and domestic policy questions asked by the moderator. Format will be similar to the presidential debates.
  • Tuesday, October 7th, 6 PM PDT: Presidential Debate (Townhall Format)
    Site: Belmont University – Moderator: Tom Brokaw – Staging: Town Hall debate – Format: The moderator will call on members of the audience (and draw questions from the internet). Each candidate will have 2 minutes to respond to each question. Following those initial answers, the moderator will invite the candidates to respond to the previous answers, for a total of 1 minute, ensuring that both candidates receive an equal amount of time to comment. In the spirit of the Town Hall, all questions will come from the audience (or internet), and not the moderator.
  • Wednesday, October 15th,6 PM PDT:  Presidential Debate (Focus: Domestic Policy)
    Site: Hofstra University – Topic: Domestic and Economic Issues – Moderator: Bob Schieffer – Staging: Candidates will be seated at a table – Answer Format: Same as First Presidential Debate – Closing Statements: At the end of this debate (only) each candidate shall have the opportunity for a 90 second closing statement.

Use TWITTER during/after the debate.  If you’re a tweeter, here a a couple of links to invitations to tweet about the debate

Meeting Minutes: 09-10-2008

The September 2008 meeting of the HCDCC was called to order by Chairman Don Rogers on September 10, 2008.

Previous Mtg Minutes:
The previous meeting’s minutes were presented and approved as written.

Treasurer’s Reports:
The Treasurer’s Report was presented and approved as presented.

Old Business — Soup Kitchen Volunteer Effort:
Nicki reported that that she and Gordon, Don and Carolyn and Brad Heese had prepared the evening meal on August 31st at the Soup Kitchen for about 16-17 people as well as prepared 16 box lunches.  They made meatloaf, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn and dessert.  All who participated in the meal were very appreciative.  One person was registered to vote in the upcoming election.

Old Business — Skeet Shoot Fundraising Idea:
KC Harrison explained his trip to the skeet shooting range as something on the order of  a ‘Tim Conway goes skeet shooting’ type of trip.  You really needed to be there to hear first hand the comedy of issues and error KC encountered.  Needless to say, this idea is now dead and we won’t be persuing it further.

Old Business — Democratic Booth at the Tri-County Fair:
KC Harrison, Bill Sims, Patrick Henigan, Shannon Killian, Gordon & Nicki Schumacher, and Don & Carolyn took shifts in working a booth at the Tri-County Fair during two days of the Labor Day Weekend.  They managed to register around 2 dozen new voters for the upcoming election.

Old Business — Walk for Jill Derby in the Labor Day Parade:
Jill Derby’s crew of 8 folks arrived in Winnemucca on Friday, Aug. 29th and stayed at Roger & Vickie’s home overnight before participating in Winnemucca’s Labor Day parade on Saturday, Aug. 30th.  We had a good showing for Jill in the Parade, 7 of her crew, plus 9 local democrats from our group and another 2 Obama supporters who donned Jill Derby shirts to support her in the Parade.

Old Business — HCDCC Legislative Platform:
No activity presented at meeting.

New Business — Update from Lance Whitney about Obama’s Campaign Status in NV
While Lance was unable to make to trip to Winnemucca, he did call in to the meeting via Nicki’s cell phone and give us a few updates.  The reason he wasn’t able to make the trip was that Gov. Palin was scheduled to fly into Reno over the weekend and there were making every effort possible to organize protesters for her visit.

Lance Whitney is Chairman of the Elko Demographic Committee and is the Regional Representative for Barack Obama in the Rurals.  He explained that they think we have a very good chance of getting a large number of voters out in the rural areas this election to close the republican gap.  He also explained that Democrats now outnumber Republicans in NV by 76,000 voters.  Now all we have to do is get them out to vote.

He also indicated that they are looking for a small office in Winnemucca (about 500 sq.ft) so if anyone knows of an available space to give him a call on his campaign cell (775)315-8914 or send him an email:

Lastly, he indicated that Obama canvassers would be conducting a canvass in Winnemucca on Sunday 9/14 and could use some canvassers to know on about 30-40 doors each. in two shifts, one shift starting at 1pm and the 2nd shift starting at 4pm.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00pm

Attending were:  Don Rogers, Carolyn Rogers, Nicki Schumacher, Gordon Schumacher, Roger Rock, Vickie Rock, KC Harrison

Jill Derby Signs T. Boone Pickens’ Energy Pledge

Reno, NV – Congressional Candidate Jill Derby has signed her name to the T. Boone Pickens’ Energy Independence Pledge, reaffirming her commitment to ending our dependence on foreign oil. The pledge calls for the new President and 111th Congress to enact an energy plan that would reduce our foreign oil dependence by at least 30% within 10 years.

“The Pickens Pledge represents my commitment for investment and innovative thinking that will help lead our country towards energy independence,” said Derby. “It is very clear that our country needs an aggressive plan to help reduce our dependence on foreign oil, and a major part of that plan must be investing in alternative energy resources.

“Jill Derby has again committed to a leadership role in our energy future by signing this pledge,” said Derby spokeswoman Kristen Cullen. “It is time for Dean Heller to follow Derby’s lead and pledge to help Nevadans, instead of his friend in Big Oil.”

Most recently Heller voted against The Comprehensive American Energy Security and Consumer Protection Act, which called for increasing drilling and ending unnecessary subsidies to Big Oil companies. He has also accepted tens of thousands of dollars in contributions from Big Oil.

In August, Derby released a plan calling for new drilling as well as a 100% investment in renewable energy, that plan can be viewed on this post [with Zemanta]


Barack Obama is coming back to Nevada!

Obama returns to Nevada
Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama will return to Nevada on Wednesday, September 17th, to discuss his message of change.

Obama will start the day in Elko and then work his way south to Las Vegas.

Elko event information:
Main Street Park
1467 Idaho Street
Elko, NV between Chris Sheeran Way and 14th Street.

Doors will open at 9:30 a.m.
The event is free and open to the public, though guests are urged to attend arrive early.

Las Vegas event information:
Rally at Cashman Field
850 Las Vegas Blvd. North
Las Vegas, NV
Doors to Cashman Field will open at 2:30 p.m.

The event is free and open to the public, with guests encouraged to arrive early.
Guests may not bring signs, banners or bags. Organizers also ask that you limit personal items brought to the events.

To RSVP for either event, please visit

Fraternal Order of Police Lodge Endorses Derby

Press Release — Reno, NV
The Fraternal Order of Police Las Vegas Lodge #1, Nevada’s largest law enforcement organization, today announced its endorsement of Jill Derby in the race for Congress in Nevada’s Second District.

“The Fraternal Order of Police is proud to endorse and support Jill Derby for Congress,” said F.O.P. Endorsement Committee Chair Joe Bifano. “Jill Derby will be a real asset to Nevada’s law enforcement community. She will look out for the men and women who serve this great country and she will work to keep our communities safe.”

“I am honored to receive the endorsement of the Fraternal Order of Police,” said Jill Derby. “I strongly support those who give their all to protect and serve our communities. In Congress, I will fight to make sure that Nevada’s law enforcement community has the resources they need to keep our families safe.”

Today’s endorsement represents a shift from 2006, when the Lodge endorsed Dean Heller against Derby. This is the latest in a series of positive developments for Derby indicating growing momentum, including a recent Reno Gazette-Journal poll showing Heller leading Derby by a mere 5 points, 47-42.

The Fraternal Order of Police (F.O.P.) is the nation’s largest law enforcement organization, with over 321,000 members and 2,100 lodges throughout the United States. Founded in 1915, the F.O.P. represents professional law enforcement officers from municipal, county, state and federal agencies. Membership in the Fraternal Order of Police is open to all full time active and retired law enforcement officers, regardless of rank. F.O.P. Las Vegas Lodge #1 represents nearly 500 active and retired law enforcement officers across Nevada.

NV Dems Debuts New Site

NV Dems, today, introduced a new BETA site for Democratic leaders, volunteers and supporters from across the State of Nevada.  Access is by invitation-only.  I got an invitation today, and sent out invitations to those Humboldt Dems I have emails for.  If you didn’t get an invitation and would like one, send me an email and I’ll send you an invitation from the site.