Barack Obama is coming back to Nevada!

Obama returns to Nevada
Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama will return to Nevada on Wednesday, September 17th, to discuss his message of change.

Obama will start the day in Elko and then work his way south to Las Vegas.

Elko event information:
Main Street Park
1467 Idaho Street
Elko, NV between Chris Sheeran Way and 14th Street.

Doors will open at 9:30 a.m.
The event is free and open to the public, though guests are urged to attend arrive early.

Las Vegas event information:
Rally at Cashman Field
850 Las Vegas Blvd. North
Las Vegas, NV
Doors to Cashman Field will open at 2:30 p.m.

The event is free and open to the public, with guests encouraged to arrive early.
Guests may not bring signs, banners or bags. Organizers also ask that you limit personal items brought to the events.

To RSVP for either event, please visit

Fraternal Order of Police Lodge Endorses Derby

Press Release — Reno, NV
The Fraternal Order of Police Las Vegas Lodge #1, Nevada’s largest law enforcement organization, today announced its endorsement of Jill Derby in the race for Congress in Nevada’s Second District.

“The Fraternal Order of Police is proud to endorse and support Jill Derby for Congress,” said F.O.P. Endorsement Committee Chair Joe Bifano. “Jill Derby will be a real asset to Nevada’s law enforcement community. She will look out for the men and women who serve this great country and she will work to keep our communities safe.”

“I am honored to receive the endorsement of the Fraternal Order of Police,” said Jill Derby. “I strongly support those who give their all to protect and serve our communities. In Congress, I will fight to make sure that Nevada’s law enforcement community has the resources they need to keep our families safe.”

Today’s endorsement represents a shift from 2006, when the Lodge endorsed Dean Heller against Derby. This is the latest in a series of positive developments for Derby indicating growing momentum, including a recent Reno Gazette-Journal poll showing Heller leading Derby by a mere 5 points, 47-42.

The Fraternal Order of Police (F.O.P.) is the nation’s largest law enforcement organization, with over 321,000 members and 2,100 lodges throughout the United States. Founded in 1915, the F.O.P. represents professional law enforcement officers from municipal, county, state and federal agencies. Membership in the Fraternal Order of Police is open to all full time active and retired law enforcement officers, regardless of rank. F.O.P. Las Vegas Lodge #1 represents nearly 500 active and retired law enforcement officers across Nevada.

NV Dems Debuts New Site

NV Dems, today, introduced a new BETA site for Democratic leaders, volunteers and supporters from across the State of Nevada.  Access is by invitation-only.  I got an invitation today, and sent out invitations to those Humboldt Dems I have emails for.  If you didn’t get an invitation and would like one, send me an email and I’ll send you an invitation from the site.

Meeting Minutes: 2008-08-13

The August 2008 meeting of the HCDCC was called to order by Chairman Don Rogers on August 13, 2008 at 6:45 PM.

Chairman’s Report: 
We received an email from the Nevada Outdoor Democratic Caucus asking us to work with them to keep the NODC active and alive for Nevada’s Democrats.  Apparently, NODC used to be affiliated with the Nevada Democratic Party, but are now reorganizing at the ‘county’ level so chapters and members can work directly for local Democrats who support their rights and hopes for the Nevada Outdoors.  Further discussion of what to do about their request was tabled at this point until further information could be obtained and it could be determined whether there might be enough interest to affiliate with the NODC.

Previous Mtg Minutes:
Nicki Schumacher moved and Carolyn Rogers seconded the approval of the previous meeting’s minutes.

Treasurer’s Reports:
Nicki Schumacher moved and Linda Cummings seconded the approval/acceptance of the previous two Treasurer’s Reports.

Old Business — Soup Kitchen Volunteer Effort:
Aug 31st volunteers will report at 5pm to help prepare dinner and serve dinner for those in need at the Methodist Church, 138 W Winnemucca Blvd, Winnemucca.  Volunteers will also register people who are eligible, but currently unregistered to vote in the upcoming general election.  Nicki Schumacher will coordinate ‘5th Sunday’ volunteers to prepare/serve meals at the local soup kitchen.  The next ‘5th Sunday’ will occur on November 30th.

Old Business — Skeet Shoot/Gun Raffle Fund-Raising Idea:
Based on discussions with folks at the gun range, the feeling is that this would not be a viable fund-raising possibility for a ‘democratic’ organization alone.  This fund-raising idea was officially dropped from further consideration.

Old Business — HCDCC Legislative Platform:
No activity presented at meeting.

New Business — Obama Campaign:
Obama Organizer Alfred Walking Bull attended the August 13th meeting and explained that his job is to bolster county-level organizations as well as performing Native American outreach efforts.  He explained some of the activities he and others will be doing and asked for volunteers who could work toward the election of Barack Obama.  He’s also looking for volunteers who could serve as precinct captains whose job will be to identify voters and provide support in making calls to remind people to vote.

He left brochures, english and spanish voter registration forms and canvassing lists with Nicki Schumacher.

New Business — Labor Day Activities:
•  Labor Day Parade with Jill Derby:  Vickie Rock is soliciting volunteers
    to walk in the Labor Day parade in a show of support for Jill Derby who
    will be riding in a convertible (arranged for and driven by Nicki Schumacher)
    along the parade route.
•  Voter Registration Activities in the Park:  Gordon Schumacher will be
    heading up registration activities in the park and could use some help
    in registering as yet unregistered voters.

Other news:
We replaced the RSS Calendar application on our blog with a Google Calendar.  The Google Calendar seems to be interfacing much better on our site.

At 8:00PM, Nicki Schumacher moved and Vickie Rock seconded a motion to adjourn the meeting.

Attendees:  Don Rogers, Carolyn Rogers, Nicki Schumacher, Gordon Schumacher, Roger Rock, Vickie Rock, Loyce Lacaillade, Billie Dee Charme, Sandy Hammargren, Linda Cummings, Alfred Walking Bull.

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Bush Legacy Tour Bus in Elko Monday, Aug 18

A legacy is not what has happened in the past. It is what is handed down to the future.

In 2005, Americans United For Change was founded to fend off President Bush’s top policy priority at the time: privatizing Social Security. Americans United For Change beat back President Bush, his allies in Congress and the special interests who sought to break the solemn promise America made to its senior citizens by dismantling Social Security with an expensive and risky privatization scheme. In 2006, Americans United For Change broadened its scope to build broad public and congressional support for action on a wide range of long-stalled policy issues.

‘Americans United for Change,’ along with a number of allies, launched the “Bush Legacy Project.” The tour bus is in Las Vegas today, but will be in Elko on Monday August 18th.  The project’s goal is three-fold:

  • Continually remind American voters why they have lost faith in President Bush and his agenda.
  • To tie Bush and his agenda directly to the conservative brand and its followers.
  • To highlight how Bush’s conservative economic, social and foreign policy agenda has failed — to shift the center of the political debate away from the conservative frame by demonstrating the failure of Bush’s policies.

‘Americans United For Change’ believe the tour will be a critical element in the ongoing effort to redefine American political values and to create an enduring progressive majority in America.  Exhibits on the bus address the Iraq war, the Economy, Health Care, the Environment, Workers, Katrina, Education and a Progressive Vision.

Congressional Quarterly Upgrades Derby/Heller Race

Congressional Quarterly (CQ) announced that it is upgrading Nevada’s Second Congressional District race from “Republican favored” to the more competitive “Leans Republican.” This reflects the momentum Jill Derby and democrats are gaining throughout the state. Nevada Republicans have seen their voter registration advantage cut by 40% since 2006.

“Covering the entire state outside of Las Vegas and its suburbs, the 2nd is largely rural and has a conservative voting base that gave President Bush 57 percent of the vote in 2000 and 2004. But Democrats argue that a swing in voter registration rolls weakens the Republican hold on the district and makes the race more competitive than it might appear,” writes CQ’s Marie Horrigan.

The move is the latest in a string of good news for the Derby Campaign. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee recently added the race to its “Red to Blue” list, a category reserved for highly competitive races. Also in the past week, EMILY’s list announced that it has endorsed Jill Derby for Congress.

Click here to read the full CQ Politics article

EMILY’s List Endorses Jill Derby in Nevada’s 2nd District

6 WASHINGTON, D.C. EMILY’s List, one of the nations largest political action committees and financial resources for women running for elected office, today announced its endorsement of Jill Derby in Nevada’s second congressional district.Jill Derby has her pulse on the issues that are most important to families in Nevada and will use her voice in Washington to bring real change to the second district, said Ellen R. Malcolm, president of EMILY’s List. EMILY’s List members in Nevada and across the country are proud to endorse Jill Derby and we are excited to work to get another strong Democratic candidate elected to Congress this November.

A fourth generation Nevadan, Jill Derby embodies the passion and the work ethic necessary to replace politics as usual in Washington, D.C. and get results for the people of Nevada. Having lived in the Middle East for three years, Derby brings an in-depth understanding of this critical region to Congress. She will also continue to fight for the issues that are more important to voters in the second district fulfilling promises made to veterans, forging a sensible energy plan, ensuring access to health care, and demanding fiscal responsibility at all levels of government.

The experience and momentum Derby gained in her competitive run in 2006 make her an even stronger candidate this time around. Jill Derby is committed to working for the families of the second district by standing with them on today’s critical issues and by bringing a new brand of politics to Washington.

I am honored to have the support of the members of EMILY’s List in Nevada and around the country as we work together to bring fresh ideas to Washington, Derby said. The people of the second district are tired of politics as usual, and I am determined to represent them as a voice for change in Congress.

With more than 100,000 members across the country, EMILY’s List is one of the largest political action committees in the nation. Since its founding in 1985, EMILY’s List has raised over $240 million to elect 71 pro-choice Democratic women to the U.S. House, 13 to the U.S. Senate, and eight governors. Over the course of 23 years, EMILY’s List has helped elect hundreds of pro-choice Democratic women to federal office, state legislatures, state constitutional offices, and other key local offices.

Copied from the Nye-Gateway to Nevada’s Rurals  Blog

Jill Derby to Unveil Energy Plan

When:  10:00 A.M, Wednesday, August 13, 2008.
Where: Renewable Energy Lab, UNR/TMCC Redfield Campus, 18600 Wedge Parkway, Reno

Democratic candidate for Congress Jill Derby will lay out her plan for an energy independent America on Wednesday, at the Renewable Energy Lab on the UNR/TMCC Redfield Campus.  The Renewable Energy Lab is a state-of-the-art institution designed to promote education and research in renewable energy.

The Derby Energy Plan calls for an Apollo Project-style investment in 21st century renewable energy to end our dependence on foreign oil.  It includes goals for safeguarding national security, developing a strong 21st century economy by creating jobs through renewable energy development, and reducing the threat of global warming. 

Derby’s comprehensive plan differs greatly from the piecemeal proposals by her opponent, Republican Dean Heller, who has a proven record of helping Big Oil over Nevada families at the pump.   Heller has taken more than $40,000 in oil company contributions, including thousands from Halliburton and ConocoPhillips in August alone.  He has also consistently voted against bills that would provide relief at the pump, including releasing oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve and ending out-of-control speculation, despite promises to the contrary.

PRESS RELEASE: Derby for Congress

Promoted to Dems’ Red-to-Blue Program

RENO, NV–In a major development in Nevada’s Second Congressional District today, Jill Derby’s campaign for Congress was named a top-tier targeted race by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC).  This acknowledgment by the DCCC–combined with a strong grassroots movement and a 40% drop in the Republican registration advantage here in Nevada’s Second Congressional District–presents us with an unprecedented opportunity to turn this district Democratic for the first time ever.

“I am thrilled to be acknowledged by the Red-to-Blue program,” said Jill Derby. “This support shows national recognition of how strong our grassroots campaign has grown here in Nevada. The people of Nevada are ready for a change in Washington and I will be a voice for that change.”

“This is a major national acknowledgment of Jill Derby’s growing momentum here in Nevada,” said Derby Campaign Manager David Mason. “In times like these, we just can’t afford partisan politicians who put special interests in front of Nevada families. Nevadans are looking for a straight shooter who will put them first in Washington–that straight shooter is Jill Derby.”

Jill Derby started life on her family’s Flying Flapjack Ranch in Lovelock and rural Nevada has shaped the values she holds today. Derby is running for Congress to bring real change to Washington–to fulfill our promises made to veterans, forge a sensible energy plan, ensure access to health care for all Americans, and demand fiscal responsibility in government. Her website is

August 1, 2008 (775) 770-2008

Pickens’ Plan

Long-time oilman, T. Boone Pickens, in the absence of effective leadership in Washington, is attempting to assume a leadership role aimed at weaning the U.S. off of middle eastern oil.  He’s been in the news this week as he’s promoted his plan and he’s all over YouTube. Given the prices we’ve been paying at the pump and in the grocery line in Nevada, it may be worth our while to assess what he’s proposing.  If Democrats are truly interested in ‘change,’ this Plan may be a change that would make a serious difference in U.S. economic outflows to the middle east every year.  Below is an excerpt from the Pickens Plan site.

We Are in a Crisis
Our dependence on foreign oil forms the intersection of the three most critical issues America currently faces: the economy, the environment and our national security.

There is a Solution
America is blessed with the world’s greatest wind power corridor and abundant reserves of clean natural gas. The Pickens Plan will utilize these tremendous resources to build a bridge to the future — a blueprint to reduce foreign oil dependence by harnessing domestic energy alternatives and buying time for us to develop even greater new technologies.

The Plan calls for building new wind generation facilities that will produce 20% of our nation’s electricity and allow us to use natural gas as a transportation fuel. The combination of these domestic energies can replace more than one-third of our foreign oil imports. And we can do it all in 10 years.

We Can Bring Change

On January 20th, 2009, a new President will take office. We’re organizing behind the Pickens Plan now to ensure our voices will be heard by the next administration. Together we can raise a call for change and set a new course for America’s energy future in the first hundred days of the new presidency — breaking the hammerlock of foreign oil and building a new domestic energy future for America with a focus on sustainability.You can start changing America’s future today by supporting the Pickens Plan. Join now.