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If you didn’t get the latest Democratic Party email, here’s a copy from my Inbox:

Help shape the Democratic Party's Platform for ChangeEvery four years, the Democratic Party assembles a platform that outlines the party’s position on a number of issues.

Traditionally, the drafting of the platform is not open to ordinary people.

This year, that’s going to change.

For two weeks in July, people all across America will hold Platform Meetings in their own communities to discuss the issues and share their input. The outcome of these meetings will be reviewed by the Drafting Committee as it creates the final Platform.

No political experience is required. Your thoughts and experiences are all that matter, and they will shape a platform that — like this campaign — is owned by the people.

Sign up to host or attend a Platform Meeting in your neighborhood:

This year, ordinary people like you will gather in their homes, community centers, places of worship, and even coffee shops to discuss the issues that matter to them and help decide what should be at the heart of the Democratic platform for change.

The input we get from these meetings will help shape the platform at the Democratic Convention in August.

Platform Meetings are a great way to connect with fellow supporters and help write the next chapter in the history of the Democratic Party.

We’ll make sure you have all the resources and support you need to succeed. All you need to provide are your ideas for America and your hunger for change.

To get started in your community, just log onto and go to our Platform Meetings page. (If you don’t have a account, creating one is simple and easy.)

Sign up to host or attend a Platform Meeting now:

I hope you’ll take advantage of this opportunity to make your voice heard in the political process.

Thank you for all that you do,


Meeting Minutes: 2008-06-11

A number of us arrived at RoundTable Pizza around 6:00 PM and had a lively discussion on a wide range of topics.  One discussion that garnered considerable interest concerned the two young men recently murdered in town.  Don had explained that Carolyn had gone with their mother to file paperwork with the investigators and that one of the boys, two weeks prior to the shooting, had been stabbed 27 times in the Wal-Mart parking lot, and that even though the stabbing was on video tape and that witnesses had come forward, the police refused to do anything about the stabbing.  So, the young man survived the stabbing only to be shot 16 times two weeks later.  Similarly, one of the members present recounted an encounter with the local police where they failed to take appropriate action because of what he equated to “where” he lives.  Perceptions raised were that if you were Hispanic or if you live in certain areas of town, you fail to receive adequate or appropriate police protection/treatment.

At 7:00 PM, the business meeting was called to order by HCDCC Chairman, Don Rogers.

CHAIRPERSON’S REPORT: Don Rogers reported that the Humboldt Sun had called him and had done an over the phone interview about his impressions relative to any potential split in Democrats locally now that Obama had amassed enough Delegates become the presumptive nominee.  He expects that he’ll be quoted in a future article in the Humboldt Sun, so watch the paper for his comments.

APPROVAL OF PREVIOUS MINUTES: Vickie Rock handed out minutes from the 3/20/08 Business meeting and the 4/19/08 Special Meeting. Don Schumacher moved and Nicki Schumacher seconded the acceptance of the 3/20/08 Business Meeting minutes. Nicki Schumacher moved and Bill Smiley moved the acceptance of the 4/19/08 Special Meeting minutes. Both motions passed.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Vickie Rock explained the treasurer’s report indicating that no changes in the Treasury have occurred since the acceptance of the previous Treasurer’s Report.


  • Voter Registration project conducted during the Red Cross Health Fair:  Nicki Schumacher explained that those who had helped out at the Fair had registered a number of voters, not all of whom registered as Democrats, but that all registration forms had been properly filed at the Court House.
  • State Democratic Convention:  Participants discussed the good and bad of Convention participation.  Notably was a vote held on Sunday where Northern Nevada rural participants attempted to gain representation in the Electoral College Delegates to be elected.  A ‘division of the house’ vote revealed that the vote was around 200 short.  Two Electoral College representatives came from Washoe County, two came from Clark County, and one came from Lincoln County (who is charged with representing ALL rural counties).


  • FUNDRAISING:  John Feraday indicated that during the primary, a large number of CA benefactors had done a serious amount of canvassing at their own expense in Northern Nevada and that he had contacts with a number of them.  John indicated that he would approach them to provide funds for “local” versus outsider interventions and see if he could get them to donate funds to our local treasury.  He also suggested that maybe we could have a “dunk a Democrat” booth at one of the rodeo events, or that since there are a large number of Republicans locally who think Democrats are out there to do nothing more than “get the guns,” that we could have a Trap Shoot event with a raffle prize of a gun.  Nicki Schumacher indicated that she would check to see if we could use the Trap Range for a private function.
  • FUNDRAISING:  Vickie Rock suggested that maybe we could have a “Picnic with Jill” function during the July 4th festivities, during one of the Cruise Night events, or during the Hot August Nights event.
  • JILL DERBY SUPPORT:  Joyce Lacaillade suggested that maybe we could set up an event for Jill at the Senior Center where she could come and talk to the lunch crowd.
  • COMMUNITY ACTION:  Bill Smiley suggested we might be able get a bit more recognition for our group by volunteering and working at the local soup kitchen.  While there we could also promote voter registrations.  Bill will check to see if there might be an opportunity for us to volunteer workers in support of the soup kitchen’s efforts.
  • HCDCC PLATFORM:  Vickie Rock agreed to put together a sampling of “Platforms” from other Democratic organizations around the state and propose a rough draft of a platform (what we stand for) for the HCDCC.  She also agreed that she would forward that out for comment and present a proposed Platform at our next scheduled meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 8:15 PM.  Attending the meeting were: Roger & Vickie Rock, Joyce Lacaillade, Bill Smiley, KC Harrison, Nicki and Gordon Schumacher, Don and Carolyn Rogers, John Feraday.

NV State Convention

Interested in what went on at the NV State Convention?  Click on the link in the Blog Roll at the right for the Desert Beacon.  Our local Dee Holzel blogged a number of items on the Desert Beacon from the convention floor.

You can also find another one of Dee’s posts on the Rural Nevada Democratic Caucus Blog (link in the Blog Roll list in the right-hand column) where she’s raising a challenge and concerns about the candidacy of Mike Montero for the 6th Judicial District Court.  If you’re worried about water rights, you might want to keep up-to-date on whether his candidacy is allowed by the NV Supreme Court.

Red Cross Summer Safety Fest Voter Registration

Nicki, Don, Carolyn & Bea at the Safety FairWe set up a voter registration table at the Red Cross Summer Safety Fair on Sat. April 26th.  Nicki Schumacher registered two new voters between 9 and 10.  Nicki also got her new neighbors, who moved to Winnemucca recently, to fill out registration forms.   Between 10-12, Bea Asher and Don and Carolyn Rogers registered four more.  They also gave out three forms to people who wanted to fill them out at home and take them back to the Clerk’s Office themselves.  So, if the folks who took forms home send them in, we signed up 11 new voters in Humboldt County.  Unfortunately, not all were Democrates, but some.

Meeting Minutes: 2008-04-19

A special meeting was held on April 19th at Sid’s Restaurant to help Humboldt County Delegates prepare themselves to attend the State Convention being held in Reno on May 17th and 18th. Don Rogers opened the meeting at 6:20pm and turned the meeting over to Cindy Trigg, Democratic Rural Organizer and Melanie Crosby (Retired Deputy Atty General for Douglas County and Rural County Organizer for Team Derby).  Below are some of the points she made as she covered the anticipated agenda and how things will work.

  • In addition to the Delegates, only 1100 Alternates and 500 Visitors will be allowed at the Convention.  Therefore, it is extremely important for ALTERNATES to REGISTER ASAP.  Alternates need to check the Convention Info Page frequently and register as an Alternate as soon as the Registration form is posted.
  • If you’re a DELEGATE and for some unforseen reason you’re unable to attend the convention, contact Dinah Jordan (Credentials Chair for the Rurals) at 775-881-8238.  She should be able to explain what the “replacement” rules will be and whether you can provide a local person with a written “replacement” authorization, or whether the credentials committee will make the decision as to who will replace you on the convention floor.
  • Cindy emphasized that it is important that the rural organizations come together and work/vote as a group to ensure our views are represented.  The hardest vote will be for “whom” our “ONE” Rural Representative to National will be since that person will be casting a vote for the presidential nominee.
  • The Convention opens on Friday, May 16th at Noon for dissemination of informational packets to registrants, for various committee meetings and for receptions and entertainment activities.  Credentials, Registration, and Platform Resolutions committees will be meeting that afternoon in different rooms.  If you can, you might want to observe the Platform Resolutions meeting.  You wouldn’t be able to “vote” on the resolutions, but you may be able to have a limited opportunity to comment on resolutions important to the rural counties.  Various receptions will be held that evening as well as a dinner/dance.  Convention business will be conducted on Saturday/Sunday.
  • PAY ATTENTION TO DEADLINE TIMES in your convention agenda.  Take a highlighter with you and highlight all the deadline times in your agenda so you can keep track of them.
    • For example, there is a deadline to sign up go to the National Convention.  You must submit your name BEFORE that deadline.  The preliminary agenda they had at our meeting listed that time as 10AM on Saturday.  If you attempt to submit your name after the deadline has expired, you’re just flat out of luck … end of story.
    • Another deadline involves when delegates for nonviable candidates must align.  The preliminary agenda they had at our meeting listed that time as NOON on Saturday.
    • Another deadline involves electing who will be the single MALE Delegate to National from the Rurals (apparently a female went last time).  The preliminary agenda they had at our meeting listed that time as 2PM on Saturday.
    • Again, and they repeatedly emphasized, PAY ATTENTION TO DEADLINE TIMES!
  • The Legislative Platform will be voted on later in the morning or in the early afternoon on Sunday.  Keep in mind that a large number of Clark County Delegates will most likely be catching planes on Sunday morning to return home.  That means that Rural Delegates could potentially have a huge influence over which legislative platform issues get approved for submission to the National Committee/Convention.  Rural Delegates should plan to stick around on Sunday for the vote on Platform issues.
  • Check your agenda for a “Rural” Democrats meeting … no time had been announced for the meeting as yet.

Other notes of interest were:

  • Nevada had 5 members in the Electoral College
  • Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee has one seat on the Nevada Central Committee

Melanie also talked about moving forward with plans to support Jill Derby’s bid for Congress and the need to defeat Dean Heller.  She indicated that polls now indicate Dean Heller’s support across the district has declined 35%.  That bodes quite well for Jill who is beginning to gain some speed and who was recently endorsed by the Blue Dog Democrats.  Volunteering to join “Team Derby” locally were: Elaine Kochever, Vickie Rock, Nicki Schumacher, Brad Heese, Don Rogers, Carolyn Rogers and Beatrice Asher.

Attending the meeting were:  Ed Kochever, Elaine Kocheaver, Nicki Schumacher, Gordon Schumacher, Roger Rock, Vickie Rock, Carolyn Rogers, Don Rogers, Brad Heese, Sunny Johnson, Dee Holzel, Cindy Trigg, Melanie Crosby

Food for Thought

I came across an interesting political online magazine for “free thinkers.” Thought I’d pass along a few links to some recent articles that I found interesting to give you a flavor of their content … just in case you might want to save their site to your favorites:

Here’s another new political online magazine that’s now in beta:

  • FLYP online magazine

Washoe Dems Announce Delegate Workshops for State Convention

The Washoe County Democratic Party is providing preparatory workshops prior to the State Democratic Convention for their delegates and alternates. The dates are posted on the Event Calendar and are listed below. At these workshops, delegates and alternates will learn:

• The convention agenda, which begins Friday (May 16th) and ends Sunday (May 18th.)
• Convention rules
• The committees and their roles in the convention
• Basic parliamentary procedures

These are preparatory workshops sponsored by the various Assembly District teams. NO RSVP needed.

Workshop Dates, Times & Locations
• Tuesday, April 29th: 6-8 pm at Democratic Headquarters (1465 Terminal Way)
• Sunday, May 4th: 1-3 pm at Sierra View Library (Reno Town Mall off S. Virginia/ Peckham)
• Friday, May 9th: 6-8 pm at Spanish Springs Library (7100 Pyramid Lake Highway)

If you’re a delegate and you’ll be in Reno on one of these dates … you might want to drop in and learn more about how the Convention business will be conducted.

Meeting Minutes: 2008-03-20

The meeting was called to order at 6:15 PM by HCDCC Chairman, Don Rogers.

Meeting Agenda:

  • Call to Order
  • Approve Agenda
  • Approve last month’s meeting minutes
  • Approve financial statement for March
  • New Business:
    • Voter registration at Red Cross Health Fair on April 26 – Need Volunteers to work
    • Local Democratic campaigns?  Other events?
  • Old Business
  • Adjournment

AGENDA:  A motion was made to approve agenda made by Vickie Rock, seconded by Nicki Schumaker and unanimously approved by all in attendance.

PREVIOUS MINUTES:  2-13-08 Minutes were approved at a brief meeting held at Vickie Rock’s house just prior to the County Convention to assure that all planning-actions had been met.  No meeting minutes were taken at that meeting nor were any posted on the site.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  Vickie Rock handed out copies and explained the treasurer’s report.  A motion to accept the Treasurer’s report was made by Nicki Schumacher, seconded by Gordon Schumacher, and unanimously approved by meeting attendees.


  1. Voter Registration Project at the Red Cross Health Fair, Saturday, April 26, 2008.  Nicki explained that we will be providing voter registration services at the Fair and will need volunteers for three time slots.  In registering new voters, it is important for volunteers to understand that they can make no comments as to candidates running for office and that we are registering ANY voter … not just Democratic voters.
    • 09:00-10:00 AM:  Nicki Schumacher
    • 10:00 -11:00 AM:  Don & Carolyn Rogers
    • 11:00 – 12:00 PM:  Volunteer still needed
  2. Meeting Calendar:  Members in attendance felt it might be a good idea to hold two meetings monthly (in an attempt to possibly energize more local Democrats).  Business meetings would be held on the 2nd Saturday of each month, and a social gathering would be held on Thursday evenings just prior to our Saturday business meeting.  Business meeting location was set as the back meeting room at RoundTable Pizza.  Location for the social gathering may float from location to location.
    • Next Business Meeting:  Saturday, April 12,  11:00AM-1:00 PM, RoundTable Pizza
    • Next Social Gathering: Thursday, April 10, 6:00-8:00 PM, RoundTable Pizza
    • Meeting attendees agreed they would attend the ‘Social Gathering’ and that they would bring one guest with them.
  3. Fund-raising:  Attendees at the meeting agreed that in order to be able to host events in the local community, some type of fund-raising activities will need to be undertaken.  Ideas tossed around at the meeting included the following items (though no activities were approved as yet to be undertaken):
    • Rummage/Yard Sale
    • Raffle of a patriotic lab quilt
    • Dinner with a candidate
  4. Democratic Mailings:  Gordon Schumacher brought a mailing that he’d received from the Democratic Party 2008 Victory Drive and asked if anyone in the room had received a similar mailing.  No one else had received one.  He asked that the HCDCC explore why ‘all’ Humboldt County Democrats didn’t receive the mailing.
  5. Potential 2008 Activities:  A short discussion was held to attempt to identify activities we could sponsor throughout 2008 to draw attention to our fledgling organization and at the same time support Democratic candidates standing for election.  While 4th of July and Hot August Nights  festivities were recognized as opportunities, no specific events we could host were identified at this time.
  6. Standing Committee Chairs:  Per the Bylaws approved at the County Convention, we need to elect individuals to serve as Chairs of 5 standing committees (descriptions of their duties appear in Section 16 of the Bylaws.  Anyone interested in serving as Chair of any of these committees is asked to please send an email to to express your interest:
    • Finance/Fund-raising
    • Program/Political Action
    • Membership/Candidate Recruitment
    • Publicity/Public Relations
    • Administration


ADJOURNMENT:  Vickie Rock made a motion to adjourn the meeting, Gordon Schumacher seconded the motion, and the meeting adjourned around 8:00pm.

ATTENDEES:  Don Rogers, Carolyn Rogers, Roger Rock, Vickie Rock, Sam Potter, Beatrice Asher, Patrick Henigin, Gordon Schumacher, Nicki Schumacher

Officers and Delegates elected at County Convention

In addition to approving Rules for conducting our county convention, and a framework of bylaws under which our local democratic organization will operate, attendees elected officers of our fledgling organization who will serve until first quarter 2009. 

  • Chairperson:  Don Rogers
  • Vice Chairperson:  Barbara Ferguson
  • Secretary/Treasurer:  Vickie Rock

 Also elected at the Convention were twelve Delegates to the State Convention which will be held on May 17-18 at the Grand Sierra Resort in Reno.  Elected Delegates were:

For Barrack Obama:

  • Sam Potter
  • Brad Heese
  • Gordon Schumacher
  • Bill Smiley
  • Shannon Killian
  • Sarah Graham

For Hillary Clinton:

  • Beatrice Asher
  • Valerie Espen
  • Valerie Drake
  • Shawn Dixon
  • Dee Holzel
  • Elaine Kochevar