Humbolt County Democratic Central Committee (HCDCC) Officers:

Committee Chairs:

  • Fundraising:
  • Finance:
  • Program/Political Action:
  • Membership/Candidate Recruitment:
  • Publicity/Public Relations:
  • Administration:

Special Chairs:

  • Interim Bylaws Chair:
  • 2010 County Convention Committees:
    • Convention Chair:
    • Credentials:
    • Registration:
    • Rules:
    • Platform Resolutions:
    • Tellers:
  • GOTV — Get Out The Vote:
  • Young Democrats:

Our Mission:
The Mission of the HCDCC (Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee) is the advancement of the Democratic Party, its ideals, principles and candidates.  The HCDCC shall:

  • Promote the philosophy of the Democratic Party
  • Promote the County, State and National Democratic Platforms
  • Support elected Democratic officials
  • Recruit and support the election of Democratic candidates
  • Educate the community regarding the Party’s principles
  • Generate action on legislation of importance to Democrats
  • Address local and area issues
  • Involve Humboldt County Democrats in the political activities of the Party

Our Objectives:

  • Achieve a Democratic Party voting majority in Humboldt County
  • Register every possible Democratic voter
  • Persuade every possible registered voter to support and vote Democratic thereby electing Democrats to all local, state and federal offices
  • Recruit Democratic candidates for all possible elections and appointments
  • Represent Humboldt County’s Democrats and keep them informed as to the goals, issues and activities of the:
    • HCDCC
    • Rural Nevada Democratic Caucus (RNDC)
    • Nevada State Democratic Party (NSDP) and its Central Committee
    • Democratic Legislative Caucus of Nevada
    • Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC)
    • Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC)
    • Democratic National Committee (DNC)
  • Ensure that elections in Humboldt County are legal, fair, open and accurate; with special attention to the ease of voting, the accuracy and verifiability of election results/equipment, the openness to all electors, parties and candidates, and other elements necessary for a free and fair electoral process
  • Ensure HCDCC efforts and events receive timely, accurate media coverage which maximizes the visibly and positive image of the organization
  • Generally fulfill the political needs of Humboldt County Democrats
  • Possess the organizational and financial strengths necessary to achieve these Objectives.

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  1. The Ideals of All Registered Democrats Are Not All The Same. All Democrats Should be Recognized as Valid whether the The People who” Loyally keep the meetings ongoing”, OUR Party Should be an INCLUSIVE ONE, Not an Exclusive one with bullying tactics if It Hopes to Survive in The Rurals of Nevada, Let Alone the Nation! This Last Election is a Prime example of Dissatisfaction with Status Quo, and Dirty Polity Politics.
    What can We Do To Listen and help Change What’s left?

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