#HellerTheHypocrite Working to Pack the Courts with Right Wing Unqualified Judges

After the untimely death of Justice Antonin Scalia, Chief Justice Merrick Garland was nominated for a seat on Supreme Court of the United States. The obstruction of the Republican party made it so Garland wouldn’t receive a fair hearing.

Senator Heller told us that would not take a position on the issue of Federal Courts because he does not sit on the Senate Judiciary Committee. Senator Heller still does not sit on the Judiciary Committee, but he is now a champion for the conservative take over of our Federal Courts.

Senator Heller wants the Senate to stay open 24/7 in order to push through unqualified and extreme Judges, some who have never tried a single case before. The American Bar Association has labeled four of Trump’s Judicial picks as unqualified for these positions, yet Senator Heller wants them to be confirmed anyways.

Call Senator Heller and tell him his hypocrisy is showing! (202) 224-6244


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