Dr. Vance Alm Announces Candidacy for Nevada’s CD2

Dr. Vance Alm is announcing his candidacy to be the Democrat nominee for Nevada’s 2nd Congressional District.

Dr. Alm is a retired Air Force navigation officer and he currently works as a Family Practice Physician in Reno.  He is a graduate of University of Nevada, Reno’s Family Practice Residency, and has worked at all of the Reno/Sparks hospitals, including the VA.  He is married with three grown children and five grandchildren.  He is a moderate democratic candidate desiring to improve the life of the average Nevadan.

His primary focus has not changed since his previous runs:  improve medical care in Nevada.  Dr. Alm’s ideas are not just regarding how to pay for our health care system, but more importantly on improving the health, and access to health care, for every American.  “We have to stop confusing health insurance with health care.  I see patients, every day, being denied health (medical) care because they don’t have the ‘right’ health insurance,” Dr. Alm said in a statement.  He believes the current partisan battles over insurance coverage provide absolutely no benefit to the physical or mental health of Americans.

Dr. Alm says we all need to rise above the partisan squabble and elect someone who can truly represent the people of Nevada.  It is time for someone who is not just a party yes-man.  With his background and experience, he can appeal to Democrats, Republicans, and Non-Partisans alike.  He is ready to help you, as a Nevadan.

You can reach Dr. Vance Alm at AlmForCongress@gmail.com.

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