2017 NV Legislative Report Card

Battle Born Progress just put out their report card for how legislators performed in the 2017 session.  Here’s what they had to say:

It wasn’t easy, but Nevada progressives had many victories during the 2017 Nevada Legislative Session and this report card is a small overview of what we were able to accomplish. Together, Nevadans showed the nation that the Silver State is determined to move forward and will not back down to extreme right-wing agendas. Vouchers was without a doubt, one of the biggest and most controversial issues this session, and it was the hardest to grade. Thanks to people making their voices heard; voucher bills and deals didn’t get to really see the light of day and did not get voted on the floors of the Senate or the Assembly. Although there was no voucher bill votes to grade, we can give an A for effort to the legislators and community members that fought day in and out to make sure the Trump/Koch/DeVos education agenda didn’t come to Nevada.

This report card is just a small glimpse of what we were able to accomplish this session. We hope this report card helps as you decide who deserves extra credit, and who needs a timeout. Keep in mind that these pass or fail grades do NOT reflect an endorsement of any of the legislators listed. They reflect the votes these legislators took on the issues BBP and you (our members) advocated for or against during the 2017 session.

Every legislative session there is a perceived notion that what happens in Carson City stays in Carson City, but we cannot continue to allow this lack of transparency to plague our legislative process. That is why we evaluate our legislators with a pass or fail mark based on their votes. Inside, you can see each of their votes on various pieces of legislation and decide for yourself whether the legislators deserve your stamp of approval or not.

Legislation included in this report card was chosen based on the amount of time and resources invested into advocating for or against each bill by Battle Born Progress and our members. This is how we graded legislators:

More No votes: Fail
More Yes votes: Pass

NV Assembly Report Card:

NV Senate Report Card:

Note: Both Assemblyman Ira Hansen and Senator Don Gustavson, who supposedly represent Humboldt County citizens, are rated as across-the-board “fail.” 

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  1. Both of these people do not represent me. I live here too. Through re-redistricting, they get to represent Rural Nevada! Right! That has been the way the Republicans have a successfully taken over Washington , and most States>
    Running Democrats who are dedicated and Having a PARTY to FUND THE RURAL CANDIDATES will be the only way to unseat these Republicans, ans those in Washington as well!

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