What Dems Accomplished in Nevada During 2017 Session

Democrats in Carson City delivered impressive accomplishments on a wide range of issues this session – from defeating school vouchers and enacting a slew of women’s rights laws, to boosting clean energy and shining daylight on diabetes drugs. Here’s a sample of what people have been writing and reading lately about the Nevada Legislature:

Education Week: ‘Vouchers for All’ Program Will Remain Unfunded in Nevada

AP: Nevada Legislature Wraps up With Significant Education Boost

NPR: Solar Firms Plan To Return To Nevada After New Law Restores Incentives

ThinkProgress: Nevada legislature boosts clean energy, bringing back rooftop solar companies

Greentech Media: Nevada Just Became the Most Exciting State for Energy Storage Policy

Kaiser Health News: Daylight On Diabetes Drugs: Nevada Bill Would Track Insulin Makers’ Profits

New York Times: Opinion: What Happens When Women Legislate

HuffPost: This Is What Happens When Women Get Elected

AP: Nevada Senate Leader Proposes Internet Privacy Regulations

New York Times: States Lead the Fight Against Trump’s Birth Control Rollback

Rewire: Another State Protects Birth Control Access From Congressional GOP Attack

Los Angeles Times: Thirty-five years past a deadline set by Congress, Nevada ratifies the Equal Rights Amendment

Vox: Nevada’s legislature just passed a radical plan to let anybody sign up for Medicaid

New York Magazine: Nevada Is Considering a Revolutionary Health-Care Experiment

Los Angeles Times: Nevada moves closer to a landmark Medicaid-for-all healthcare model

Reuters: Nevada likely to become second state to require police body cameras

CNN: Nevada governor signs bill to ban conversion therapy

Las Vegas Sun: Recreational pot advocates pleased with Nevada Legislature’s strides

Las Vegas Review-Journal: Nevada Legislature adds $25M for UNLV med school funding

Las Vegas Sun: Guest Column: Investors would benefit from bill

Reno Gazette-Journal: Analysis: Winners and losers from the 2017 Nevada Legislature

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