#HellerTheHypocrite Working to Pack the Courts with Right Wing Unqualified Judges

After the untimely death of Justice Antonin Scalia, Chief Justice Merrick Garland was nominated for a seat on Supreme Court of the United States. The obstruction of the Republican party made it so Garland wouldn’t receive a fair hearing. Senator Heller told us that would not take a position on the issue of Federal Courts …

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Advocacy: The Conscience of the Government is at Stake

— by Katie O’Connell, PFAW Digital Communications Coordinator  With three nominees stacked into one hearing today, it’s pretty clear that Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley doesn’t actually want us to know much if anything at all about the nominees for two lifetime court appointments and Eric Dreiband, who is being considered for Assistant Attorney General …

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Democrats Showing Steel Backbones

Tired of getting nowhere with convincing Senator McConnell to allow a vote on a bill to force disclosure of Trump’s financial holdings, Senator RonWyden placed a hold on Trump’s Treasury nominee until the administration discloses Trump’s financial dealings w/ Russia:

Not Prepared to Govern

There’s an excellent piece in today’s Washington Post regarding the tracking for key appointments filled thus far by the Trump administration.  I can’t help but compare and contrast Trump with his Republican majorities in both houses with Obama’s 2008 Democrat majorities in both houses and the lackluster performance by the Trump and his Republican majorities. …

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Trumplicans Confirm Pruitt

Today, Republicans in Congress have voted to have Scott Pruitt demolish the Environmental Protection Agency and the protections it provides for the PEOPLE of our nation. Scott Pruitt has made it clear he wants to dismantle the EPA, and now Trump and his merry little band of Trumplicans in the US Senate have put him …

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Speaker Frierson and Majority Leader Ford—Statement on Sessions’ Confirmation Vote

Nevada State Senate Majority Leader Aaron D. Ford and State Assembly Speaker Jason Frierson released the following statement on U.S. Senator Dean Heller’s vote to confirm Jeff Sessions:  “We are disheartened and thoroughly disappointed that Senator Dean Heller voted to confirm Jeff Sessions as U.S. Attorney General. As the top law enforcement officer in the …

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Meanwhile, in DC … a Tone Deaf GOP is Heading Full Bore Ahead

Last week, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced that Obamacare enrollments fell short of expectations—the latest example of the law’s failure to deliver on its promises. That’s why Republicans are acting with urgency to repeal Obamacare and replace it with patient-centered reform. Here’s what we’re working on this week to “improve” things: …

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Why This Price Is Wrong

The next health secretary shouldn’t have a record of benefiting from prescription drug profiteering. — by LeeAnn Hall For most people, prescription drugs are a lifeline. For Representative Tom Price, Donald Trump’s health secretary nominee, they’re a source of profits. Indeed, hundreds of thousands of dollars in drug and health corporation investments line the pockets …

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Why Did Putin Help #trump Win

Rachel Maddow exposed Rex Tillerson, Donald Trump’s Secretary of State nominee. Anyone who believes this man could have the interest of the United States in mind after watching Maddow deconstruct his behavior towards Russia is misleading themselves.

So Much for Women & Members of the LGBTQ Community

Today, the Senate held a number of hearings for the incoming administrations nominees.  One in particular was for General Mattis as Secretary of Defense.  The approved a waiver to allow him to be considered even though he’s been retired only 3 of the SEVEN required year years mandated before a military retiree can be considered …

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