NV GOP Apparently Believes — When You Can’t Win, Stoop to Gutter Politics!

— An “ask” from Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto

What Nevada Republicans are doing right now is disgusting. Truly an all-time low.

The people of Nevada made their voices heard loud and clear last November. In fact, Nevada was one of the few bright spots on Election Day. Because of your hard work, you sent me to the U.S. Senate – which I am eternally grateful for – and you also flipped both chambers in the state legislature back to a Democratic majority, including winning key battleground districts.

But right now, Republicans in Nevada are so desperate to gain control back, they have stooped to an all-time low by completely disregarding the will of Nevada’s hardworking families. Republicans have filed recall petitions against three women in the Senate Democratic caucus: Joyce Woodhouse, Nicole Cannizzaro, and Patricia Farley – all in extremely competitive districts. And now, I need your help to fight back.

At this very moment, right-wing special interests are funneling incredible amounts of money into Nevada to pay folks to collect the petition signatures they need to get these recalls on the ballot.

Let me be clear: This recall effort is a scam. It is pathetic and it is wrong. The election was nearly 10 months ago, and the people of Nevada have spoken. They want a Democratic majority in the state legislature.

If Nevada Republicans get the number of signatures they need, Democrats will have a tiny window to challenge it in court. This is not good. And we’re running out of time. Please consider stepping up and giving $25 or more to the Nevada State Democratic Party right now so we can fight back against this Republican scam to roll back our Democratic majority?  If you can’t afford giving funds, consider calling NSDP headquarters (702-737-8683) and giving of your time to participate in phone-banking southern Nevada residents in the affected districts and asking them NOT to sign the GOP’s recall petitions.

Thank you for your support and for standing up for our hard-fought Democratic majorities. We will not let Nevada’s Republicans fool us.

¡La lucha sigue!
The fight continues!

Note: The citizens of Nevada are granted the authority to perform a recall election by Section 9 of Article II of the Nevada Constitution, which says:

“Every public officer in the State of Nevada is subject, as herein provided, to recall from office by the registered voters of the state, or of the county, district, or municipality which he represents.”

This broad right of recall in Nevada applies to all elective “State” officers (not Members of Congress, as they’re Federal officers) after the first six months of the term to which the incumbent was elected and does not require a “reason” in order to start a recall petition. For the GOP to get to a recall election, they need gather signatures from 25% of those people who actually voted in the election for that member of the legislature.

  • For Farley — Need to gather more than 7,100 signatures from people who voted in Nevada’s 8th Senate district in 2014 (a low turnout mid-term election) by Nov. 9.
  • For Woodhouse — Need to gather more than 13,000 signatures from people who voted last year in the Senate District 5 race by Oct. 31.
  • For Cannizzaro — Need to gather more than 14,975 of the people who voted in District 6 in 2016 by Nov. 14.

You should also note that GOP “conservatives” are attempting force the State to pay for a repeat election at taxpayer expense for “no stated good reason.” It is NOT “conservative” to force an election just because they don’t like the fact that the voters chose Democrats to represent them in the State Legislature.  Such actions consume vital tax dollars that should be spent on vital infrastructure, education, healthcare, etc.

Also worthy of noting is that should the GOP be successful in a recall, it would shake up the powerful Nevada Legislative Commission. That commission handles the Legislature’s business when it is not in session and when constituents have little input into decisions being made.

Xiomara Rodriguez files to unseat Amodei in CD2

by Xiomara Rodriguez Vazquez on Wednesday, March 14, 2012 at 11:19am

This is a question I have been asked frequently.  I have asked myself the same question many, many times.  The answer is not a simple one; it could be answered in an ideological way.  But the reality is there right in front of us, in our every day lives.

Today, Wednesday, March 14, 2012, I made it official that I will be a candidate for Nevada’s Congressional District Two.  This is the beginning of a new stage of my life and the people of CD2.

I am running because it is time to stop playing politics with the people of Nevada and this country.  It is time to start working TOGETHER to move this state and this country forward.  WE CANNOT continue to be content with party line actions that affect us all.

Our current elected officials got to Congress with the cry of “JOBS, JOBS, JOBS.”  But they have not done anything to create those jobs, especially not in Nevada.  Nevada still has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country, and still nothing is done.

Here in Nevada we have the ability to tap into our wind, solar, and geothermal resources.  By becoming the leader in alternative energy, we can create much needed jobs and help reduce the nation’s dependence on foreign oil.  In the process, we can become the nation’s leader in the development of alternative energy.

Our politicians talk about the need to balance our budget.  I have to agree that this country needs a balanced budget, but how do we do that.  I feel the best way to balance the budget is by creating income.  We have cut our agencies to the bare bones.  We cannot cut ourselves out of this one.  We need to add income.

Also, we CANNOT continue to tax 99% of our population for the benefit of 1%.  We need to tax that 1%.  In the last week, our current representative in Congress said that even if the people of Nevadaasked him to raise our taxes he would not.  Why make that statement; because he is acting in favor of that 1% and not for the benefit of the citizens of this state.  Just remember that he signed the Norquist pledge not to raises taxes (in reality, the pledge is not to raise taxes on the 1%).

Let’s also look at what has happened in the last few weeks regarding women’s health issues.  Our Representatives in Congress have mounted a series of actions to restrict women’s access to much needed health care.  They have also proposed very restrictive regulations and reporting procedures for doctors.  In the case of the State of Virginia, the Republican Party attempted to pass a bill that would require doctors to perform an invasive procedure which is absolutely unnecessary on women. The Republican Party is pushing similar measures all over the country in an effort to restrict women’s access to health care.  Is this what we want for our state and our country?

The people of CD2 and the State of Nevada deserve a representative who is willing to work for them, not broken promises, inaction and the “party line”.

These are some of the reasons I am running for Congress.  More to come.

Three other Democrats, Erik Holland, Samuel Koepnick and Rex Ricks, have also filed to run in an attempt to unseat Republican Mark Amodei who was just elected to the post in a special election.

Kate Marshall is Democratic Nominee

In a near-unanimous vote at Saturday’s Nevada Democratic Party meeting, Central Committee members decided that Nevada state Treasurer Kate Marshall (D) will be the Democratic nominee in the Sept. 13 special election for Nevada’s 2nd district.

Nancy Price withdrew from the race prior to the election.  That left Kate vying for the nomination against two lesser known candidates, retired Washoe County principal Jacques Maye and Rex Ricks of Reno.  In her introductory speech, State Treasurer Kate Marshall told Nevada Democrats Saturday she wants to be their “gal in Congress” and members of the state central committee have agreed to give her a chance.  Of the possible 122 votes, she received 117.  She accepted the nomination proclaiming, “One down … one to go!”

The NV Supreme Court has yet to rule in the challenge to the  special election law ruling.  So, it’s still up in the air as to exactly who she’ll ultimately face in the September election.  But, at this point, it appears that the major contenders she’ll be facing off against in the special election will be former state GOP chairman Mark Amodei and potentially Kirk Lippold who may not yet be willing to give up a run for the seat.

Nevada’s Congressional District #2 Seat has never been held by a Democrat since it was created 30 years ago. It’s not like we haven’t tried, but NV-CD2 has a significantly higher number of Republican and conservative Indepent American Party voters.  However, this year may prove to be a pivotal year for Democrats given the GOP’s penchant to wipe out and privatize social safety net programs.  GOP/Tea Party candidates are backing Ryan’s ‘kill medicare’ plan and already heralding they would vote against raising the debt ceiling.  Kate, on the other hand, has a clear understanding of economics, understands what it takes to balance a budget, and understands that we need to create an economic strategy that would support job creation, in this nation, not some other nation at our expense.

Roberta Lange, NV Democratic Party Chair, in differentiating our Democratic candidate from Republican candidates said that, “While Kirk Lippold and Mark Amodei are fighting to end Medicare, privatize Social Security and ship American jobs to China, Kate is committed to creating jobs that stay in Nevada and protecting Social Security and Medicare.  No matter what twists and turns this election process takes, Nevada Democrats are united behind Kate Marshall’s campaign and ready to get to work to elect her as Nevada’s next Congresswoman.”

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NV Supreme Court Grants Motion; Sets Expedited Briefing Schedule

Posted Date: 5/24/2011
Contact: Pam duPré

(Carson City, NV; May 24, 2011) – The Nevada Supreme Court today granted Secretary of State Ross Miller’s motion to expedite the Court’s resolution of his appeal of the May 19 1st Judicial District Court’s ruling regarding the special election to fill the vacancy in the U.S. House.

The court has ordered that the appellants’ opening brief shall be filed no later than 4 PM on Tuesday, May 31. The respondents’ answering brief shall be filed by 4 PM on Wednesday, June 8, and reply briefs, if any, must be filed by 4 PM on Monday, June 13.

The Supreme Court also directed Secretary Miller to provide it with an affidavit or declaration under oath specifying the actual time lines required for the preparation, printing, and circulation of ballots relating to the special election under both cases: whether the Supreme Court affirms the district court decision, or alternately, vacates the injunction and reinstates the Secretary of State’s prior interpretation.


Sept 13 Special Election to Fill Heller Vacancy in US House

Comment’s from Roberta Lange, Nevada State Democratic Party Chair:

As many of you know, Secretary of State Ross Miller announced earlier today that the special election for Congressional District Two, scheduled to take place on September 13, will be conducted using open ballot access. This supports the legal opinion by our legal counsel and what we believe is the intent behind the law for special elections.

The Nevada Republican Party and NRCC immediately sent out a statement criticizing the Secretary of State and threatening to initialize litigation. We expect them to take this action and try to portray the decision by the Secretary of State as a partisan one. It is important that we do not engage with them as they attempt this strategy.

We have always been and remain committed to winning this race and I look forward to working with all of you to make this happen. I will keep you updated as more information becomes available. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Roberta Lange
Chair, Nevada State Democratic Party